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This demo uses medium-editor v5.23.3 + medium-editor-insert-plugin v2.5.1

jQuery insert plugin for MediumEditor

Random royalty-free image

This is a demo of jQuery insert plugin for MediumEditor. This whole website is an editable editor. You can click on text and start typing. Or you can click on the image above and see what this plugin has to offer. If you want to insert an image, create a new empty paragraph and the plugin's button will appear on the left. From there it's pretty self-explanatory.

And we also support embedding of videos, social media, etc.

Casey Neistat, who else...

Have fun.

What to do next?

Please, go to our GitHub repository for installation and configuration info. Did you find a bug, have an idea or want to contribute? Great! Do not miss our issues page on GitHub.


This plugin is brought to you by these great contributors from all around the world:

... And yes, you can create this nice images grid with the plugin. And much more...


The plugin is free and released under MIT license.