About me

Hey there! My name is Pavel and I'm currently working at Maker as a lead frontend engineer. We're building tools that help online retailers and brands enhance existing websites with compelling content, dramatically increasing engagement, conversion and revenue growth.

Marketers and designers use our software to create, source, publish & optimize interactive content for their product pages, landing pages, lookbooks, blog posts, user-generated stories and more.

- Maker
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I've been programming websites professionally for 12+ years now. I've worked with companies all around the world, I had my own startup, I have experience as a freelancer/contractor. All this using and sharpening my weapons of choice:

Even though I have a wide range of battle-proven skills, I'm focusing mostly on JavaScript these days.

I'm also a huge fan of open-source. I'm a core contributor to medium-editor (the most starred WYSIWYG editor on Github).

Besides this, I graduated from Technical University of KoŇ°ice with a master's degree in cybernetics.

Thanks to the college field of study I'm experienced in C, C#, Assembly, PLC, Oracle Database and OLAP, Matlab, Wonderware and RSLogix.

Nevertheless, my specialty and passion is web development.